There are also premium, first, second and tertiary levels. Premium suet prices to sell tens of thousands of grams per gram, and the market almost can not see, even if there should not be sold. Cartier Replica Love Bracelet, two, three of the price there is a certain difference. Now the mountain is up to the succulent
are also sold to tens of thousands or so, let alone the seed material, and now the Hetian jade market point of view, can find a good fat, meat quality seed cartier love bracelet Has been very good, if the request to achieve suet, it is very difficult to difficult, the price has hundreds of thousands of more than it can search the Royal House seed material, Royal Palace jade, Fake Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet Yufu sheep fat jade and so on about 30 million this price difference too Big real seed and suet jade jade priceless, the market is now the mountain of sheep fat are sold to 2W – 3W or so, let alone the seed material, and now the Hetian jade.
Succulent jade generally not, because suet jade is too small are. If any, now good point of the market price of suet jade are million / g, a less have to say 40-50 grams, and bracelets are very waste, often need more than 1.5 pounds, even if 700 grams, you put it How much money and good suet Cheap Amulette de Cartier Bracelet are with the type of carving, bracelets and waste, but also shows the level of artisans, and play left the material is also difficult to boutique so succulent jade almost no law to play Bracelets, even if there are, more than 5 million.