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replica jewelry cartier bulgari y otras WHAT A COSTLY MISTAKE ON MY PART. A couple of months later, Lia Sophia informed everyone of their closing. I had a ring already start turning copper in less than a month after purchase. I had jewels fell out of some of my other pieces, and the jewelry does tarnish. I was very upset after learning of their closing, and which I sent letters immediately following. I told them I wanted to return the jewelry and be refunded, but they explained that was not possible. They said they no longer had Knockoff Cartier nail bracelet   I wanted to send back because the silver color was worn off the bottom of the ring and it was copper. I was a day or two late on a few pieces of their final date to complete exchanges. What an awful awful company.
replica jewelry cartier bulgari y otras I called CS and explained that my hostess received Katie and it was broken and Smooth Sailing did not lay right. She immediately processed the stock to be mailed and I received it in less than 1 week; this was optimum as it was a starter show and the initial show this hostess had booked. Thank you (P.S. I completed the survey on the phone after my phone call).
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replica jewelry cartier bulgari y otras And to those who find it a hassle to hold on to receipts in case they need to return the item, replica Trinity de Cartier bracelet  I have to ask: when was the last time you were able to return a product you bought at ANY RANDOM STORE out there, without a receipt? Other than Costco, I don’t know many who would honor the return. It’s one blue piece of paper; it’s not like it takes up huge space. File it somewhere. You can return the jewelry YEARS after you bought it. All the company asks is that you provide the receipt. Seems fair to me.